Middle East Crisis



Does a day go by without the Middle East being in the news? I don’t think so. Everyone wants to know “what’s going to happen with Israel and Iran? What does the future hold for Israel? And most importantly, how does this impact the Gospel?”  With current headlines focusing on the Middle East and the world hurtling toward events prophesied in the Scriptures and the ultimate return and reign of Messiah Jesus, curiosity about the “End Times” has never been greater.  As people read the news every day these questions are always the first to be asked.

The Lord has placed a burden on Dr. Freeman’s heart to help people answer some of these questions.  That is why we offer churches the possibility of having a conference entitled the “Middle East Crisis: Its Impact on the Proclamation of the Gospel.”


These conferences have three two hour sessions designed to give you a greater understanding of the crisis in the Middle East and how it impacts the proclamation of the Gospel.  The three sessions are as follows and can be held over a weekend at your church.

Session 1 – The History of Israel from Genesis to Today,

Session 2 – Ezekiel’s Prophecy on an Impending War

Session 3 – How to Proclaim the Gospel in Light of the Middle East Crisis.

 I hope you will consider having this conference at your church as you seek to gain understanding of the current Middle East crisis from a biblical perspective. It will help answer questions such as: How did we get to where we are? Where are we going? Does the Bible tell us what’s next and what are we doing about it?  This conference is designed for you, for members of your church, for Bible study groups and for future leaders.